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Naagin 6, 20th August 2022, Written Update: Rishab is alive

In today’s episode, Pratha breaks the net barrier while she announces that nothing can stop her from meeting her daughter. She asks Lord Shiva to show his Rudra avatar and take her to her daughter. Pandit ji says that someone has awakened Lord Shiva’s rudra avatar. Pratha spits fire from her mouth. Mehek reveals to Urvashi that the Professor is calling Shesh naagin. Pratha goes to him and tells him about Mahek betraying her. The professor tells her about the harm happening in Kedarnath. She tells him that she will not let anyone walk towards Kedarnath. 

Pratha goes home and tells Rajesh about the big blast going to happen at Kedarnath. She tells him that she has to save the people. Rishab goes to the minister. He gets shocked and asks him how he is alive. He recalls how he let everyone think he died so he can come back to protect India better. Mehek tells Reem that she will open the secret door. Urvashi gets Reem’s message and tells Zang about it. Mehek is about to open the door but she keeps getting calls. She opens it and Zang, Urvashi and their men enter. As Mehek is about to keep the bomb, Rishab comes and stops her. Pratha sets the weapons tent on fire. 

Rishab tells Mehek that she is under arrest. Pratha tells Urvashi that Lord Shiva knew Mehek wanted to kill her and that’s why he didn’t make her Shesh naagin. She tells her that when she will take her naagin avatar, then she will die. Urvashi gets shocked and remembers her mother’s curse. Mehek tells Rishab that Pratha was pregnant when she went to jail. She hits him and he falls down. 

Pratha tortures Urvashi.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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