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Naagin 6, 16th July 2022, Written Update: Divya and Rehaan’s engagement

In today’s episode, Shakti tells Urvashi to bring his dream girl to him. He dreams of Pratha. Urvashi locks the room but doesn’t notice the vessel. Mehek plays naagin music to see if Pratha will become a naagin but Pratha prevents that by dancing with Rishabh. Reem collides with Mehek and her ear buds fall off. She goes aside and takes naagin form. Urvashi stops the music. Rhea sees Rehaan checking Divya’s phone. She tells him that she will expose him. Rehaan pushes her and her head hits the edge of a table. He hides her body in the bathroom. 

Divya takes Pratha to her room. Pratha goes to wash her face. They scream. Rajesh and Rehaan come there. Rajesh asks them why they are screaming as it’s just a lizard. Rehaan wonders where the body went. Divya and Rehaan exchange rings. Vijay comes there and warns Rishabh about a serial killer. Pratha thinks she won’t let another girl lose her life. Rehaan tells Ritesh that he killed Rhea and her body is missing. Pratha thinks someone is inside the locked room. Urvashi searches for Rhea and then tells Reem they she doesn’t know where she went as she isn’t answering calls either. 

Urvashi complains to Vijay about Rhea being missing. She tells him that she last saw her with Rehaan. Vijay decides to ask Rehaan about Rhea. Rehaan escapes but then he sees Rhea’s body. She wakes up and he gets shocked. She turns into a snake and makes him unconscious. Vijay finds him unconscious and gets worried. Pratha thinks her second step of revenge is about to begin.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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