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Monday Mind Talks: Expert suggested tips to stay efficient and focussed at workplace while suffering from ADHD


ADHD is the most common chronic neurodevelopmental ailment. A person suffering from this condition faces differences in the development of the brain. The condition usually starts during childhood and can last long for years. People suffering from ADHD find it difficult to focus and require proper medication to ease the condition.

Today, we have two doctors on board who will acquaint us with this medical condition accompanied by useful tips and tricks to stay productive while suffering from ADHD.

What is ADHD?

Dr Gautami Nagabhirava, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad explains, “ADHD is an abbreviation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is commonly diagnosed in childhood (predominately in boys) but sometimes not until later. As the name suggests, it leads to 2 types of behavioural symptoms including inattention, hyperactivity/impulsivity.”

ADHD is the most common chronic neurodevelopmental ailment.

Signs and symptoms of ADHD

Mostly, the symptoms of ADHD are overlooked because the signs are not too clear, “Though all children may occasionally exhibit symptoms, children with ADHD have excessive and persistent symptoms which contribute to impairment in school and at home and interfere with development,” Dr Gautami reveals.

As per Dr Gautami, some of the common symptoms of this condition include:


● Difficulty staying focused

● Difficulty completing tasks

● Difficulty following instructions,

● Forgetfulness

● May not seem to listen

● Easily bored and distracted

● Careless mistakes

● Difficulty in organization


● Inability to sit still

● Constantly moving/on the go

● excessive talkativeness

● Speaks out of turn

● Difficulty in playing quietly

● fidgeting, squirming

Signs and Symptoms of ADHD

Dr Gautami continues to elucidate, “Due to the symptoms, these children may face difficulty in school academically and social situations. They are often called out on their seemingly bad behaviour and are at the receiving end of punishments. Many may mistake inattention symptoms as laziness. Meanwhile, they struggle to make friendships and are sometimes bullied due to their inability to navigate social situations and manage emotions. Over time they are at a higher risk of developing low self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, and substance use problems, conduct disorder. Adults with ADHD struggle with the workplace and financial and relationship problems.”

Any child with scholastic backwardness or behavioural problems should be screened for ADHD by a psychiatrist or psychologist. “Treatment is essential and includes medication and behavioural and non-pharmacological therapy,” she opines.  

Tips to stay efficient and productive at work while suffering from ADHD?

Dr Pallavi Joshi, Consultant – Psychiatrist, Manipal Hospital Varthur Road, Bengaluru, states that the symptoms of ADHD can create problems while working and can hinders productivity. “Even sitting in the same place for a prolonged period can be an overwhelming task for someone who is having ADHD. However, difficulties and symptoms can be tackled by incorporating some simple tips and tricks into your lifestyle,” she explains.

“Here are some easy tips to stay efficient and productive at work while suffering from ADHD,” Dr Pallavi reveals:

  • Ensure adequate hydration and eat something before you seat for work, it reduces anxiety and brain fog.
  • Decide the deadlines for work, automatically puts the right pressure
  • Divide the tasks into small steps and take breaks periodically.
  • Walk in breaks to charge your body and mind or talk with colleagues but avoid checking gadgets on the mobile
  • Reduce clutter at your desk and at the desktop too it adds to better focus

Tips to stay efficient at work

Are there any lifestyle changes we can do to enhance focus and attention?

Varied lifestyle and dietary changes can ease out the symptoms while enhancing the focus and attention “Ancient wisdom of Ahar-Vihar-Nidra helps. Ahar- diet which is good in nutrition, less in sugar, excess sugar can make one jittery, no more than 2 coffees in a day (as later it can make you anxious), and ensuring adequate hydration can aid in good results. Vihar – daily 20-30 minutes of exercise improves focus, releases anti-stress hormones and channels negative energy. Nidra – good 6-8 hours of sleep surely improves productivity by improving attention and memory,” Dr Joshi suggests. She further says that lesser use of gadgets will assist in improving attention while making you prepare to deal with the signs and symptoms of this condition.

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