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Mom shares the eight controversial rules for her toddlers

Nothing can divide opinion like the topic of how to parent. But truthfully, as long as the kids are safe, each to their own.

Online, you’ll find some parents who are especially proud to be parenting ‘outside the box’, and embracing a discussion, like this mom, @captain_tuk on TikTok.

The Australian mom has recently shared some clips stating eight “controversial ways I insist on raising my toddler.”

And they are ‘controversial’ to say the least.

In the first clip, the social media user, who works in the fishing industry, reveals the first four of her parenting ‘rules’ that departs from the traditional approach.

TikTok mom @captain_tuk revealed her non-traditional approaches to parenting.

They read:

“No swimming lessons – despite living on the waterfront.”

No high chairs – not even as a baby.”

“No structured play – I don’t entertain them at all.”

“No pram [stroller] – unless it’s needed to carry toys/shopping.”

The video is captioned: “None of these decisions have been taken lightly.”

Kids at table.
The kids sit at their own table, and as babies sat in their parents’ lap instead of high chairs.
Kid playing.
The children entertain themselves instead of having structured play.

In a follow-up clip, the mom shares four more of her rules.

“No daycare – they come to work with us or we just don’t go to work.”

“No shoes – unless it’s too cold or they specifically ask for shoes.”

“No playgroup/classes – nothing that’s a weekly/fortnightly commitment.”

“No pink/blue – my daughter will not have the pink option unless her brother has the same color.”

The mom’s videos have attracted thousands of views and comments, with opinions very divided about her parenting style. But the mom was happy to entertain the discussion and answer the many questions.

“So you’ll be fine if they step on glass or needles?” was one of the first comments.

“We go to playgroup my kids love it, it’s not a commitment just rock up when you have time,” a second viewer said, to which the mom replied, “I thought about it… but $150 a year when I know we are too busy to make it more than three times a year? I can’t justify it.”

Another asked: “Why no shoes?”

Kids without shoes.
The kids don’t wear shoes “unless it’s too cold or they specifically ask for shoes.”
Children at water's edge.
The no swimming lessons rule was a point of contention with many viewers.

The mom responded: “Shoes aren’t actually good for us, like walking on flat surfaces isn’t good for us. Yes, it’s convenient, but it won’t help build strong muscles/joints.”

There was also an explanation for those curious about the no high chair rule: “They have their own little table but as a baby, they just sat in our laps or on a (clean) playmat,” the mom said. “They never really wanted to roam with their food though.”

The no swimming lessons rule was a point of contention with many viewers, with one parent noting, “Swimming lessons can save their lives, Mama.”

But the mom replied, “Water safety is polar opposite to swimming.”

Of course, there were some extreme reactions to the mom’s rules: “Which country are you in? Need to call its child protection services.”

Finally, the mom wrote in the comments, “Plenty of sense, it’s just not the lifestyle for you.”

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