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Meta and Microsoft Are Founding Members of Metaverse Standards Forum

  • The Forum will concentrate on pragmatic, action-based initiatives.
  • With the Metaverse Standards Forum, SDOs and corporations may work together.

In order to establish the open metaverse, the Metaverse Standards Forum brings together prominent standards organizations and enterprises from throughout the sector. The lack of interoperability hampers metaverse adoption. The Forum will examine how Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) may better coordinate and expedite their efforts to define and evolve the required standards.

Founding members include tech industry giants, some of which are Microsoft, Meta, NVIDIA, and Huawei, along with many other prominent organizations. The Forum released an article on their blog detailing the need to establish an open metaverse and standards in this rapidly growing metaverse sector.

Per the blog, to speed up the testing and acceptance of metaverse standards, the Forum will concentrate on pragmatic, action-based initiatives such as implementation prototypes, hackathons, plugfests, and open-source tools, as well as the development of common nomenclature and deployment guidelines.

Multi-user virtual games, augmented reality, photorealistic content creation, geospatial systems, end-user content tooling, digital twins, and real-time collaboration are just a few of the innovative ways that the metaverse is driving the integration and deployment of new technologies for collaborative spatial computing at new scales and levels of immersion.

According to several experts in the field, open standards are the greatest way to fulfil the full potential of the metaverse. With the Metaverse Standards Forum, SDOs and corporations may work together to establish and coordinate metaverse standards’ needs and objectives, speeding up their release and eliminating duplication of effort across the industry.

Participation in the Khronos Group-hosted Forum is free for any firm, standards organization, or institution that completes the Participant Agreement. Companies may opt to become Principal members if they want to give Forum supervision and sponsor Forum initiatives.

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