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Malayalam classic film Kummatty selected by Martin Scorsese for restoration; Fans call it ‘proud moment’

Kummatty, a classic Malayalam film, made by G Aravindan in 1979 is being restored by Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese. He announced that he will present the restored version of Kummatty under, The Film Foundation Restoration Screening Room. The Malayalam industry is proud of this feat as many fans thanked Martin in the comments section. 

Martin Scorsese took to his Instagram handle and announced the premiere or restored version of Kummaatty and wrote, “Govindan’s KUMMATTY is an adaptation of a Central Kerala folktale featuring a partly mythic and partly real magician called Kummatty. A sweet and engaging story and a visually stunning film, KUMMATTY is a must-see, especially since it has been largely unavailable outside of India until now. Also be sure to watch the special features with Govindan’s son, Ramu and Film Heritage Foundation founder Shivendra Singh Dungarpur.”

Several users thanked Scorsese for finding a Malayalam film in the comment section. A user wrote: “Thanks Marty for preserving our films. Always been a huge fan of your works from India.” Another commented, “Proud moment for Mallus.” Scorsese launched the Restoration Screening Room under  The Film Foundation launched to host films restored with the help of the foundation for free in April. 

Take a look at Martin’s post here:

Kummatty tells the story of a Pied Piper-like character from Malabar folklore. The character materialises one day to cast a spell that converts children to animals. One unlucky child misses the reverse conversion and remains a dog for a year. The film won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Children’s Film in 1979.

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