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Major Crypto Exchange Attained Peruvian Trading Platform, Fluyez


  • Bit2Me acquired a majority of stake from Fluyez for more than $1.022 million.
  • Apart from Fluyez, the platform is also eyeing other crypto exchanges.

According to the latest announcement from the Spanish crypto exchange Bit2Me, the firm has obtained an 85% stake from the Peruvian crypto trading platform, Fluyez. Andrei Manuel, COO of Bit2Me declared that they purchased the stake for more than 1.022 million dollars, as per reports. Following this, the company is also looking to other crypto exchanges in Latin American countries like Colombia and Uruguay. 

 Andrei Manuel stated:

We are looking for companies that are fully compliant, have users, a wallet where you can exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat, and a solid team.

However, Fluyez will not change its name and the company’s current CEO, Luis Eduardo Berrospi, will continue to guide it. The firm also intends to increase its user base from 10,000 to 100,000 over the year. 

Bit2me Stretches Its Functionalities

Recently, Bit2Me revealed that the company is looking to recover another Spanish cryptocurrency exchange named 2gether after the firm blocked access to its trading platform. As per reports, Bit2me will cover the €20 amount that will be charged to its users to keep using its site. Additionally, Leif Ferreira, the co-founder, and CEO of Bit2Me recently expressed that, In the upcoming year, Bit2Me plans to hire 250 more employees, doubling its current workforce.

The Spanish crypto exchange is also planning to expand its service across the world, including Portugal, Italy, France, Brazil, and Peru. The platform currently has more than 600,000 users, almost all of them from Spain. In the future, Bit2Me expects to launch a Mastercard debit card, a loan service, and a feature that would let online stores accept cryptocurrency payments this year.

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