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Madonna REVEALS why she’s directing her own biopic: It was a preemptive strike


Madonna is opening up about directing her own biopic. Rumours about the Queen of Pop’s biopic have been circling around town with news travelling that Jennifer Garner was offered the role to play Madonna on screen. In a recent chat with Variety, via ComicBook, the singer-songwriter shared details about her upcoming release.

In the sit-down, Madonna explained, “I’ve had an extraordinary life, I must make an extraordinary film.” She continued, “It was also a preemptive strike because a lot of people were trying to make movies about me. Mostly misogynistic men. So, I put my foot in the door and said, ‘No one’s going to tell my story but me.’… I have a very long script that is really hard for me to make shorter,” Madonna admitted. “I’ve been whittling away at it, but it’s like hacking off my limbs.”

Previously, Madonna shared in a statement when the project was announced, “I want to convey the incredible journey that life has taken me on as an artist, a musician, a dancer — a human being, trying to make her way in this world.” She further clarified, “The focus of this film will always be music. Music has kept me going and art has kept me alive. There are so many untold and inspiring stories and who better to tell it than me. It’s essential to share the roller coaster ride of my life with my voice and vision.” 

Amy Pascal, the producer, added, “This movie is an absolute labor of love for me.” She went on to note, “I have known Madonna since we made ‘A League of Their Own’ together, and I can’t imagine anything more thrilling than collaborating with her and Diablo on bringing her true-life story to the big screen with Donna and our partners at Universal.”

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