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Luke Bell: The ‘missing’ Country singer was found dead on 29th August

Those who knew Luke Bell knew that he was one of the most magnetizing and authentic artists to grace country music in this modern era. And all the Bell fans would agree on this praise. He basically released only three albums (2012, 2014, 2016), but in that single volume, Luke captured the essence of a bygone era, a joyful aura, and a serene mood in country music that escapes even the most gifted and adept of country music singers today.


He undoubtedly was talented in hell, and it was immensely shocking to the people when reports of him being missing started surfacing the internet. He went missing on 20 August 2022 when he accompanied his co-artist, Matt Kinman, to work. After this, he (or rather his body) was found near his disappearing place on 29 August 2022.


Post the confirmation of Kinman, his confidant, netizens as well as stars like Margo Price, Joshua Hedley, and Jessica Chastain took to Twitter to mourn his death, bid goodbye to him, and pay their last respects.


While people were left wondering about the reason and cause of his death. Once the autopsy results come, there will be clarity. Until then, let’s learn a little more about his Country music singer and songwriter.

Who was Luke Bell?

Birthday: 27 January 1990

Birthplace: Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Death: 29 August 2022

Death place: Tucson, Arizona

Luke Bell: The ‘missing’ Country singer was found dead on 29th August

Luke was an American country artist, musician, singer, and songwriter. As per a lot of people who knew him, Bell had a charm in the way he played. It was as if he had the power to summon the sleeping ghosts of the country way better than any occultist. He smiled, he winked, and he swept in his audience as if he was only meant to perform Country music.


Although not everything was rainbows and sunshine in his life. He had a long battle with bipolar disorder and often used to disappear to deal with his inner demons. When not fighting his condition, he unquestionably was the sweetest person, as per his co-artists.

Cause of death

Luke Bell died due to drug overdose

It is presumed that he died (at a mere age of 32 years) battling his mental disease of bipolar disorder.


However, the autopsy results that came out on 20 September 2022 revealed that the cause of the death of Luke Bell was a fentanyl (a drug) overdose. The Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the manner of death as an accident due to fentanyl intoxication. As per the autopsy reports, drug paraphernalia was also found on him.

According to a passerby, Luke Bell was found unresponsive (reportedly) in a shaded area of a parking structure.

Luke Bell’s music career

Luke Bell smiled, he winked, and he swept in his audience as if he was only meant to perform Country music.

Luke grew up in Wyoming where he briefly attended college but soon dropped out and started working in a local bar, Hole in the Wall. There, he started performing smaller gigs and eventually met Pat Reedy, a singer and songwriter.


In 2011, he was reprimanded for playing “too loudly” with the Lead Heavy and Fast Luke, the rock and roll band, at the bar near the University of Texas. However, nothing serious happened, and they were let go.


Later, he was invited by Dennis O’Donnell, a bartender and founder, to perform at Austin’s famous White Horse.

In 2012, he moved to Texas and recorded his self-titled debut album.


In 2014, Bell went to Nashville to record his second album, Don’t Mind If I Do. Post which, he joined Santa’s Pub. He was then discovered by the WME agency, which gave him his big break and the opportunity to tour with popular artists, including Hank Jr., Willie Nelson, and Dwight Yoakam.


In 2016, he signed a contract with Thirty Tigers and began working on his self-titled album, featuring a few songs from Don’t Mind If I Do alongside a few new singles. The album was a massive hit. He received numerous offers after his success, but he did not seem interested in any.


Luke continued performing with his best friend and co-artist, Matt Kinman. In 2017, they appeared together at the Pickathon festival in Portland.

Luke Bell songs


Some of his most famous songs are as below –

  • Sometimes – 2014
  • Where Ya Been – 2016
  • Working Man’s Dream – 2014
  • Glory and Grace – 2014
  • All Blue – 2016
  • Ragtime Troubles – 2016
  • The Great Pretender – 2016
  • The Bullfighter – 2016


You can listen to his music on music streaming devices like Spotify, YouTube, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Gaana.

Farewell Luke Bell

RIP Luke Bell. We hope you are at peace with your inner self and in a much better place. Gone too soon, but forever in our hearts.

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