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Loveuary Schedule and Start Date


If y’all thought that Hallmark only rolled out heartwarming romcoms and intriguing mysteries during the holiday season, think again! Hallmark’s got movies all year round, and you better believe that includes the most romantic time of the year: Valentine’s Day. And if you answered “Halloween” to that question, maybe check out Shudder. But for everyone who spends February pulling chocolates from cardboard hearts that’ve been hot glued to a little teddy bear, Hallmark has the content that will make you swoon all season.

We’re just under a few weeks away from the start of Hallmark’s 2023 lineup of Valentine’s Day movies — or, as Hallmark has dubbed it, Loveuary. Below you’ll find all the info on the films that are part of the upcoming Loveuary season, including the ones popping up on Hallmark’s sister network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. This lineup has a new Curious Caterer mystery as well as a sprinkle of magic and a whole lot of romance. For more info, you can always check out Hallmark’s Loveuary site.

Hallmark Valentine’s Day Loveuary Movies Schedule 2023: The Full Lineup

Sweeter than Chocolate
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Sweeter Than Chocolate (Hallmark)
Premiere: Saturday, February 4, 8 p.m. ET
Cast: Eloise Mumford, Dan Jeannotte, Brenda Strong
Plot: A local bakery is rumored to have the secret recipe to finding true love on Feb. 14, drawing in a TV reporter to investigate.

Curious Caterer: Grilling Season
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Curious Caterer: Grilling Season (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
Premiere: Sunday, February 5, 7 p.m. ET
Cast: Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker
Plot: Caterer Goldy Berry reunites with detective Tom Schultz when a realtor is murdered. As they uncover personal and professional rivalries, they realize the culprit is closer than expected.

A Paris Proposal
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A Paris Proposal (Hallmark)
Premiere: Saturday, February 11, 8 p.m. ET
Cast: Alexa PenaVega, Nicholas Bishop
Plot: Anna (PenaVega) is an account manager for a New York City advertising agency who has the opportunity to land the biggest client of her career — Durand Diamonds. Much to her chagrin, her boss dispatches her and her colleague Sebastian (Bishop) to the City of Lights to make the pitch and seal the deal. Anna’s by-the-books work style clashes with Sebastian’s looser approach and over-the-top ideas that dazzle the client but exceed budget realities that land them in hot water. When they arrive in Paris to meet with the client, a misunderstanding leads the Durands to believe Anna and Sebastian are married, making them excited about the prospect of having real-life couple in charge of the creative vision for their brand and forcing them to try to keep up appearances.

Welcome to Valentine
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Welcome to Valentine (Hallmark)
Premiere: Saturday, February 18, 8 p.m. ET
Cast: Kathryn Davis, Markian Tarasiuk
Plot: It’s a week away from Valentine’s Day and Olivia (Davis) loses both her boyfriend and her job in the same week. Her sister Vanessa, who still lives in their hometown in Nebraska, convinces Olivia to come back home for an extended trip and help get her back on her feet. Olivia’s roommate in New York has a friend, George (Tarasiuk), who’s driving out to Los Angeles and agrees to take Olivia to her destination — which is exactly halfway between New York and California — in exchange for a free night’s stay in her hometown. Olivia, low on cash after her layoff, agrees to take turns driving so he can get to Los Angeles in less than five days. The two strangers set out on the open road, both on their way to being who they think they’re supposed to be. When George’s car breaks down mere miles from Olivia’s hometown, he has to stay a few more days in Valentine, Nebraska with Olivia and her sister. After spending so much time together, the two realize that their priorities might have changed, and love is what truly matters.

Made For Each Other
Photo: Hallmark

Made for Each Other (Hallmark)
Premiere: Saturday, February 25, 8 p.m. ET
Cast: Alexandra Turshen, Matt Cohen, Aaron O’Connell, Illeana Douglas
Plot: A sculptor (Turshen) uses magic to mold her ideal man (O’Connell) into reality but begins to fall for her real-life friend (Cohen) and embraces the flaws that make love perfectly imperfect.

A Nashville Legacy (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries)
Premiere: Sunday, February 26, 7 p.m. ET
Plot: Naima moves to Nashville to uncover secrets about an undiscovered music group.
Cast: Andrea Lewis, Pooch Hall, Stan Shaw, Roz Ryan; cameos from Curt Chambers and Ruben Studdard


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