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Love Matters: Dating tips for newly single women in their 40’s

As someone who is newly single at 40 or looking to enrich their personal life apart from a thriving career via dating, you may find meeting that special someone a little tricky. This is because a lot has changed over the years while you were happy in a relationship or otherwise occupied. While the basic dynamic of dating remains the same, you may take a while to get accustomed to the way people hook up or date each other in the modern age. Take a look at some tips that may help you get comfortable with the way things are done these days.

It is perfectly acceptable to never talk to your date before you meet

With people constantly texting each other with online dating, it is common for people to see each other before they have a phone conversation. The best you may have is a text exchange before you agree to mutually meet, because the other person may be shy, busy or otherwise occupied. However, not speaking or calling before you hang out is no longer considered rude.

love at forty

They will probably know a lot of your life story before you share it

Social media stalking is a real thing today. And people often google each other to scan social media accounts, linkedin information and more to gather basic information about a person because they do not want to be catfished. It is important not to feel as if your privacy is violated, because they are just looking out for themselves.

love at 40

Don’t feel perturbed or suspicious if they take a long time to schedule the date

In the olden days, it was customary to have a quick phone call, a few texts and then you’d set the date for your meeting in real life. But this is no longer the case, as some people take much longer to schedule the fated meeting. It could be a matter of weeks or even a month, but it isn’t because they aren’t interested or serious about seeing you.

It is likely that they are merely busy with work, family commitments and the like. Patience is key.

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