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Love Island 2022: Who won Season 4?

Love Island is one of the best dating game shows and has had a successful run so far. The concept of the show is simple – singles come together to look for love and go through various tasks assigned to them. In the end, love conquers all and one couple wins a cash prize. Love Island Season 4 premiered on July 9, 2022, and the finale was on August 28, 2022. Here’s all about a winning couple of Love Island season 4 along with the names of the contestants.

Meet the contestants and winners of Love Island season 4

After a mind boggling season full of romantic moments, shocking twists, and surprising eliminations, Love Island finally has a couple that has won the show. 

The final couples are:

Sydney and Isaiah

Deb and Jesse

Zeta and Timmy

Wondering who won the show? Well, Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi won Love Island 2022 and split a prize of $100,000. The runners-up were Jesse and Deb, and Isaiah and Sydney. 

1. Timmy Pandolfi

He lives in Angeles and by profession, he is a real estate agent and a personal trainer. He loves playing the guitar, and his favorite food is shrimp. He is a kind-hearted man who looks for kindness in a woman, just like his mother. 

2. Zeta Morrison

Zeta Morrison is a beautiful model/babysitter/author who lives in Los Angeles. When looking for a partner, she gives preference to a person’s personality, but at the same time, she wants to be with a man she is sexually attracted to. 

3. Sydney Paight 

Sydney Paight is from Houston but currently lives in Los Angeles. Professionally she is an operations manager and she idolizes Paris Hilton. 

4. Isaiah Campbell 

Isaiah Campbell works as a waiter and currently lives in Delray, Florida. He loves to clean and wants a love story like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

5. Deborah Chubb 

Deborah Chubb is a young, bubbly personal assistant who lives in California. She is quite bold and stated in the show that once Justin Bieber flirted with her. She admitted that she has been single for the past five years and that she likes people with red flags, and is open to changing that in near future. 

6. Jesse Bray

Jesse Bray is from Springfield but is currently living in Houston, Texas. He has a celebrity crush on the popular American actress, Karrueche Tran. He is also a fan of Socrates and boasts of drinking about four gallons of milk a week.

Other contestants on the dating show Love Island:

1. Valerie “Val” Bragg

2. Tyler Radziszewski

3. Felipe Gomes

4. Andy Voyen

5. Bria Bryant

6. Sereniti Springs

7. Bryce Fins

8. Madison “Mady” McLanahan

9. Tigerlily Cooley

10. Gabby Kiszk

11. Avery Grooms

12. Tre Watson

13. Sam Kornse

14. Jordan Morello

15. Kyle Fraser

16. Nicholas “Nic” Birchall

17. Chazz Bryant

18. Gabriella “Bella” Barbaro

19. Jared Hassim

20. Chanse Corbi

21. Courtney Boerner

22. Katherine “Kat” Gibson

23. Joel Bierwert

24. Mackenzie Dipman

25. Phoebe Siegel

26. Chad Robinson

27. Nadjha Day

28. Jeff Christian

Love Island is without any doubt one of the best television reality shows. Are you excited for Season 5? Who do you think should have won this season? Do tell us in the comments section below. 

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