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Listen To Steve Martin’s ‘Angel in Flip-Flops’ Single

Only Murders in the Building fans know Charles-Hayden Savage (Steve Martin) is a star, but now the rest of the world will, too.

How? Well, the Only Murders team is releasing the full track of “Angel in Flip-Flops,” the 90s hit single Charles recorded for his beloved crime TV show, Brazzos. In the lead-up to Episode 4, the official Only Murders Twitter account was sharing puzzle piece clues that formed an image of the “Angel in Flip-Flops” cover art. Fans originally wondered if the Twitter puzzle meant the single was relevant to solving the latest Arconia murder, but now it seems more likely that the campaign was teasing the release of Charles’ song, sung by Steve Martin.

So how can you listen to the full version of “Angel in Flip-Flops”? Is there an “Angel in Flip-Flops music video? What the heck are those lyrics? And who came up with the idea for this Summer anthem in the first place? We’ve got the answers to your burning “Angel in Flip-Flops” questions below.

Steve Martin's 'Only Murders in the Building' single, 'Angel in Flip-Flops'
Photo: Hulu

How to listen to “Angel in Flip-Flops” from Only Murders in the Building

For those who need a refresher, “Angel in Flip-Flops” appears in Season 2, Episode 4, “Here’s Lookin’ At You.” We learn it’s an old favorite of Lucy’s (Zoe Colletti) that went to #83 on the charts in Germany, and likely would have continued growing if the Berlin Wall hadn’t fallen. The song was sampled by rappers including Post Malone, Missy Elliott, and Del The Funky Homosapien. And on Friday, July 15, the Only Murders team made a full version of “Angel in Flip-Flops” available to stream through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more.

You (yes, you!) can listen to “Angel in Flip-Flops” — written by Steve Martin and Only Murders co-executive producer Kirker Butler, and produced by Paul Shaffer — here.


Is there an “Angel in Flip-Flops” music video?

You bet! If there’s one thing we know about Only Murders, it’s that the show knows how to commit to a bit. The “Angel in Flip-Flips” music video will be released on Monday, July 18. And Decider will be sure to add it to this post once it goes live.

Oliver (Martin Short) and Charles (Steve Martin) on 'Only Murders in the Building'
Photo: Craig Blankenhorn / Hulu

Who came up with and wrote “Angels in Flip-Flops”?

We have the brilliant Only Murders in the Building writers’ room to thank for this Brazzos single, but we also have Steve Martin and Kirker Butler to thank for writing the song, and Paul Shaffer to thank for producing the catchy jam.

“When the notion came up in our writers’ room of Charles-Haden Savage, at the height of his success with his original Brazzos series, maybe having recorded an album that did really well in Germany before the Berlin Wall fell, we knew we had to talk further about it — immediately!” John Hoffman, co-creator and showrunner of Only Murders, said in a quote provided to Decider. “And so we did — and when we shared this idea with Steve Martin — well, I think it was a day (if even?) before Steve had a title and a tune making its way through his genius mind and we were more than off and running. Steve dove in with Kirker Butler to craft a late 20th century classic and then, incredibly, along came Paul Shaffer to arrange that classic that is now our ‘Angel In Flip-Flops.’  We’re all hoping for a revival of interest in the tune, of course — in Germany, and all parts of the world without walls!”

What are the lyrics to Charles-Hayden Savage’s hit single “Angel in Flip-Flops”?

If you’re in the mood to sing along with Charles-Hayden Savage (or Steve Martin) but don’t know the words to “Angel in Flip-Flops,” have no fear. Here are the lyrics in all their unhinged pop rocks, pittah pottah glory. Enjoy!

“Angel In Flip-Flops” Lyrics

Walking all alone with my past in front of me,
Lonely as a man with nowhere to go.
Looking for the woman that the songs all promised me, then I hear a sound that I love so.

It’s an angel in flip flops, (Pittah Pottah) Angel in flip flops
Short shorts and tank tops,
Could she ever love a man like me.

Now I’m walking in the sand with my girl right next to me
She is the one, makes my life complete.
Now we’re together and we live so happily
I love to hear the sound coming from her feet.

Pittah Pottah, Pittah Pottah

She’s an angel in flip flops
Stopping my tear drops, (Pittah pottah) Kisses like pop rocks,
And loving a man like me.

Pittah Pottah Trumpet Solo

She’s an angel in flip flops
Stopping my tear drops,
Kisses like pop rocks, (Pittah pottah) And loving a man like me.

Loving a man like me.

She’s an angel in flip flops (Pittah pottah) Stopping my tear drops,
Angel in flip flops
Kisses like pop rocks,

Angel in flip flops (Pittah pottah) Kisses like pop rocks,
Angel in flip flops (Pittah pottah) Stopping my tear drops

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