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Leslie Jones Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Visit to ‘The View’


Leslie Jones suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction when she stopped by Monday’s (Jan. 16) pre-taped episode of The ViewThe comedian, whose earring fell out of her ear mid-show, was talking about her role as Spanish Jackie in the HBO Max series Our Flag Means Death when the slip-up occurred.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin brought up Jones’ work on the comedy, where she plays Spanish Jackie, a “badass” pirate who’s had 20 husbands. When the host asked how she prepared for the role, Jones could hardly keep a straight face.

“How did I prepare for the role?” she asked before laughing and pointing at Griffin to which Whoopi Goldberg said, “Go on and tell her.”

Jones immediately quipped, “Girl, I’m 55. You know how many pirates I’ve actually had?”

When Goldberg added, “I feel like this is my life you’re living on this show,” Jones replied, “Girl, all our lives,” before the earring popped out of her ear.

“OK, lost an earring. There it is, right there,” she said as she put the earring back in its place. “You know when a Black girl loses their earring, it’s about to be out!”

'The View'
Photo: ABC

On a more serious note, Jones went on praise her character in the series, saying, “She’s a badass. She’s got her own bar. She fights. She fights with Blackbeard. That is always the role I’ve ever wanted, because I am … you know I’m a badass, right?”

If you can’t get enough of the SNL alum, she’s also set to start her gig on The Daily Show as the first guest host since Trevor Noah’s exit this week. But don’t get too used to her seeing her on the show — Jones told the panel that she likely wouldn’t do it permanently as she doesn’t want to talk politics every day. Good thing she wasn’t asked to join The View.

“Talking about politics every day as the joyful person I am would bring me down. Just what we’re going through in this nation, I have enough politics in my life to have to talk about it every day,” she explained, before hinting at what we can expect to see from her hosting. “And I’m not gonna be nice.”

Jones continued, “Black women run stuff, and sometimes people do listen to us when we come out. Because it’s like, yeah, like it’s time for y’all to stop acting this way. Let’s behave now. And act like we’ve got some sense. And I ain’t scared to tap that ass.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC. Plus, the first season of Our Flag Means Death is currently streaming on HBO Max.


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