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Leo to Pisces: Men of these zodiac signs forget their drinking buddies after they have kids

Every man has that one friend who always cribs that you would avoid hanging out with them when you get married. While this may not always be true, men tend to heavily lean on their friends just as women do in the course of navigating their first few years as a married couple. Nevertheless, things aren’t always the same when certain star signs enter parenthood. The constant parties and frequent getaways are a habit certain people tend to drop later in life. In fact, men of these zodiac signs even forget their drinking buddies after they have kids!


Right from kindergarten to their first job in their chosen field, Leo grows and evolves with the support of a steady set of loyal friends and colleagues. And nothing changes upon marriage, for they still have the same old buddies. But fatherhood brings out a new side to the somewhat arrogant lion. They start to live a slightly selfless life after they have kids and hence rush to get back home after work as opposed to spending late evenings at the local bar with their best mates.


One of the hardest workers in their office would be the friendly air sign Gemini. They work hard and play hard for the one way Gemini blows off steam is by choosing to get together with their pals and having a few drinks or a heart to heart chat. But this changes when they welcome a baby in their life. Suddenly, the frivolous Gemini gets more sombre and acts far too responsibly by doting on their kids devotedly. Friends take a backseat in their life around this time.

gemini lovers of zodiac


Every friend group has that one friend who is always urging others to plan the next Goa trip or college reunion. In most cases this is a Pisces for this is one zodiac sign who is famous for maintaining the longest friendships. Nonetheless, this sees a drastic shift when they have child. Pisces tends to be a helicopter parent and wouldn’t always trust their wife to be the best parent because of their own worrying nature. They avoid their best friends to have a more hands-on approach to guiding their little ones through adolescence.

pisces water sign

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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