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Leggy optical illusion reveals if you’re a good communicator

Do you do the verbal legwork?

Optical illusions can be more than just frivolous pursuits: This “long-legged” optical illusion reportedly determines whether the viewer is a good communicator or not, based on which image initially catches their eye.

Originally created in 1975 by late Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda (1932-2009), the black-and-white graphic appears to show a row of legs — but what kind of legs they are is up to the viewer. Some have said that aspects of their personality could be determined by what they see in it.

That being said, the source of the test is the stuff of internet legend, and therefore not likely to be an accurate predictor of communication style.

[Warning: Spoilers below]

Trouser legs

If the puzzler initially saw a row of upside-down legs sporting black suit pants and dress shoes, they are the kind of person who communicates directly, according to illusionary theorists.

The self-proclaimed illusion luminaries says that this category of viewers have little trouble formulating their thoughts and feelings and sharing them with other people.

Unfortunately, being a “leg man” isn’t without its downsides, according to so-called experts, who argue that often times this direct manner sometimes takes precedence over the feelings of others. This can have the effect of making the viewer come off as emotionally shallow or insensitive.

Do you see the white female legs or upside-down black male legs?
Do you see the white female legs or upside-down black male legs?

High-heeled legs

See a chorus line of bare white legs in high heels? You’re reportedly the type of person who thinks before they speak, per optical illusion aficionados. This means it sometimes takes a while to foment the right words to convey one’s thoughts, which can result in the person firing-off contradictory remarks before arriving at a clarified statement.

While expressing oneself verbally is undoubtedly important, illusionary theorists claim that sometimes silence can speak louder than words.

Both legs simultaneously

Those who find both sets of legs simultaneously generally don’t think before they speak, according to visual jigsaw analysts. These types of people have strong opinions and usually express them as soon as they pop into their head, per illusionary theorists.

This lack of a filter can make these off-the-cuffers great conversationalists due to their abundance of wit and spontaneity. However, so-called experts suggest the scrambled leg spotters should curate their thoughts better before letting ‘er rip, as it will save them oodles of head-aches down the road.

The leggy composition is one of many such works created by the late Shigeo Fukuda, who was known for creating efficacious optical illusions that often dealt in deception. Case in point: The visionary’s 1987 masterpiece “Lunch with a Helmet On,” which is comprised of hundreds of assorted forks, knives, and spoons, but casts a shadow of a motorcycle onto the floor when the light hits it at just the right angle.

This centipede-al sight test isn’t the first optical illusion to allegedly shed light on someone’s personality. Last week, brain teaser buffs were straining their noodles over this trippy eye exam, which reportedly reveals whether or not the viewer is a perfectionist.

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