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Learn To Earn Platform Waves School Aims To Educate the Masses About Blockchain and Web3

Waves Tech is taking the next step in its  journey through the launch of their own Crypto Training Academy, Waves School, completely free of charge!

Waves School, founded by the Waves Tech blockchain, is set to launch their online Crypto Training Academy, available in more 20 different languages including Mandarin, German, Ukrainian, Spanish, Arabic, and more,  on September 28 2022. The initiative is set to shake up the world of crypto education, giving students globally, the opportunity to join the Waves School academy program, completely free of charge, which will break down the barriers of entry into the world of crypto.

The Waves blockchain is a decentralised, secure, accessible and transparent blockchain platform, whose cryptocurrency WAVES is listed in the top 50 cryptocurrencies worldwide, with a market cap of $2 billion. It’s simple and user-friendly interface places communities within the centre of its ecosystem, surrounded by DAO’s, DeFi protocols, launchpads, and flagship NFT markets. Through this technology, Waves School will be able to anchor itself and take the next step in being the first democratic, completely free crypto training program.

We at Waves School understand and see the impact that poor education, pandemics and economic crises have had on communities across the globe. With our passion lying in the crypto industry, we have come to realize that the majority of the population have very minimal understanding of how Web3 actually works, and how it can bring in potentially massive returns. With this being said, our mission at Waves School is to give our global students free education on Web3 and blockchain, which will allow them to be independent as well as share their knowledge of cryptocurrency across the world. stated Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of Waves School Academy. 

Waves School’s training program is suitable for all levels of learners, even those with no knowledge around crypto. The general training structure will cover the basics of cryptocurrency, DeFI, NFTs, blockchain, trading strategies, and much more. Through a series of informative lessons as well as games, Waves School aims to give students the autonomous power to earn as they learn. Once students complete the full course with Waves School, they will be able to open a crypto wallet and make their first cryptocurrency investment in an independent and responsible manner. The learning will not stop there – all students will also have exclusive access to the official Waves School Discord channel which will be continuously updated, giving students ongoing support as they embark on their new journey within the crypto industry. 

About Waves Academy:

Waves is the blockchain for the people. With Waves School in more than 20 languages (English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Turkish, French, Hindi, Swahili, Dutch, Italian, German, Arabic, Portuguese…) they aim to bring more people into the crypto space, helping the mass adoption movement and building the largest crypto community in the world.

Welcome to Waves School, time to go Global!

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