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Law And More: The Peculiar Phenomenon of Being Associated with Paul Weiss on the Internet

There is that old adage: The perception of power is power. So maybe I have power. 


I am perceived as having some kind of power related to prestigious law firm Paul Weiss (with its PEP of $6.162 million in 2021).

That’s because since March 2020 I post plenty online about the firm’s developments and what its chairperson Brad Karp is up to. Most recently I covered Karp’s innovative idea, published in Fortune, about reducing gun violence. Bradkarp

Obviously, that online content is getting noticed. The assumption seems to be that I possess some kind of power in relation to how Paul Weiss operates and the decision-making. There are contacts from the ambitious requesting my assistance in their connecting with the right person at the firm for X or Y reasons. Or, even this: That I do a direct intervention for them in making that connection. 

This week a sophomore at an elite Manhattan university actually used the phone and called me. The phone. Not any first introduction through LinkedIn or email. Strange.

With a tone of great confidence he informed me that he will be going to law school and that he wanted at the present time an interview at Paul Weiss. No, I couldn’t connect the dots on that since he wasn’t in law school and wasn’t shooting for a summer or a full-time job. So, I didn’t even try. An interview? Yeah, Karp really needs to meet this fellow.

Within about 2.5 minutes I said “I have to go.” But, he persisted. Again I said, “I have to go” and hung up. (Reflection: Is screen-oriented Gen Z doomed to not know how to network with other generations?)

So here I am, with unexpected power. It did occur to me that I am ideally positioned to concoct a scam. For exploratory work on getting them what they want I would bill so many dollars. The fee is ____. No guarantees. No refunds.

But having once been quite ambitious myself and regrettig most of that (my talent would have landed most of the goodies without all that relentless striving) I feel compassion for those reaching out to me. They could be in for so much unnecessary suffering from chasing after Great Expectations.

Petr-sidorov-XoBdj1zV-EA-unsplashIn my latest startup – a Tarot reading service specialing in careers – I am just allowing my mystical gifts to attract the business. There is none of the wild push and drama traditionally associated with  what we consider ambition. Things are moving along okay. 

Connect with Editor-in-Chief Jane Genova at [email protected] But not about Paul Weiss.


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