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Law And More: The Elon Musk Brand

Like Leon Black, Elon Musk may not be able to engineer enough reputation restoration for a branding comeback.

In addition to Twitter lawyers from Wachtell, stock analyst Jim Cramer vilfies Musk’ conduct – and mindset. Among the adjectives heaped on Musk are “infantile.” 

Meanwhile, Musk’s business Tesla is losing money. Money talks and right now it’s not saying positive things about Musk’s business skills. 

In the legal brawl following Musk’s attempt to exit the proposed Twitter purchase, the entrepreneur is represented by Quinn Emanuel. Can that law firm’s brand also take a hit in this process? It had requested permission to no longer represent Black in his countersuit to his former mistress’ lawsuit. That was granted. 

The David Boies’ brand had been damaged by representing Harvey Weinstein and startup Theranos. 

However, law firms can manage the fallout from association with a controversial client. I discuss that related to Kirkland & Ellis (firearms) and Paul Weiss (NFL) in an article I published in O’Dwyer’s Public Relations. The leaders at law firms need to add to their job descriptions Chief Communications Officer. 

Meanwhile what is going on in the legalities of the Twitter dealmaking could surpass the theatre of the Johnny Deep defamation trial. 

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