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Law And More: New York Law Firm Market

“Demand for transactional lawyers has moderated compared to last year: there were 341 lateral placements in Q2 2022 into corporate practices (35% of all placements in the quarter), as compared to 420 the year before (46%) … Demand for litigators is on the rise: whereas in Q2 2021, there were 162 lateral placements in litigation, the number rose to 210 in Q2 2022.” Vered Krasna from Lateral Link, published in Abovethelaw, July 15, 2022.

Follow Wall Street and it’s obvious that transactional, which depends on IPOs and more, will probably continue to sour. Law firms which had bet the ranch of a single transactional practice might find themselves in financial distress.

Among what’s driving the uptick in litigation demand is the Biden Administration’s focus on white-collar crime. Enforcement means litigators in that niche will have plenty of business.

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