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Law And More: Governance – Setback at Activision Blizzard for Employee Activists

Only 5% of shareholders voted to give employees a seat on the board at Activision Blizzard, reports TechCrunch. 

Therefore, that initiative went kaput. 

It could be that the employee activists at Activision hadn’t been skilled in how to motivate shareholders to vote their way. We recall how small shareholder Engine Number 1 (which I dubbed The Little Engine Who Could) had been able to mobilize large shareholders to vote to put the eco-friendly on the board of Exxon.

Activists of all kinds will need training in governance. Once a sleeper in ESG governance now is dominating issues. It wasn’t too long ago that boards with high-profile leaders such as at WeWork and Theranos had been passive. Now that wouldn’t go over.

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