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Law And More: “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” Presents Sex Work Like Disney

Provocative Hulu film “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” argues that the sex-work industry provides happiness. Yes, much like Disney.

In addition, the particular young Irish sex worker who takes on he professional name “Leo Grande” helps heal the older Nancy, a widow and retired teacher (she also cooks up a fake name). Throughout her life Nancy never came to like or value herself. That includs not understanding or making friends with her body. During her marriage with her indifferent husband she was unable to experience an organism.

Nancy’s sexual awakening shifts loose other parts of herself. Visibly she emerges from being a closed system, which requires planning for every detail. Pre-her rebirth as a whole human being she makes a written list for Leo about what sexual services she wants. 

“Good Luck” is set in the UK. But it could have real impacts on how the US regulates sex work. Can’t it be classified as just another kind of personal service? Also, the social stigma associated with both those who provide the service and those who purchase it could be reduced.

Body hate such as Nancy’s is pervasive in America, in all age groups and among both women and men. But our bodies are ourselves. If the dial can be moved on that self-loathing, perhaps there would be less mental illness. Those in the loop, ranging from legislators to lawyers to media to corporations, for reforming laws about sex work could be preventing so much of the current suffering. Dove might join in. It has been in the front lines of telling us that we are all beautiful.

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