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Law And More: Big Law Associates

Decisions. Associates in Big Law are engaged in soul-wrenching conversations about them in their heads. Those issues range from how long to stay with a top 10 law firm to whether to even bother chasing partnership. The inner turmoil is reflected on the postings on Subreddit Big Law.

There is a recent one about if going into the law firm corporate practice would means “happiness” or a total loss of control over one’s life. That has triggered, so far, 67 responses. Obviously, the poster struck a nerve. Here is the thread.

Unfortunately the emotional struggle doesn’t always end post-exit. A woman who had departed a major law firm in the Midwest four years earlier continued to question the wisdom of that move.

That phenomenon isn’t restricted to Big Law. When the career stakes are high, the inner chatter or what is called the “committee in your head” or even “the terrorists of the mind” can consume a human being.

Petr-sidorov-XoBdj1zV-EA-unsplashSome good news: There is a tool to tame that hostile force field. That is engaging in a conversation with the Tarot. Those are the 78 mystical cards which even The New York Times champions as a source of self-awareness and access to what in the unconscious is calling the shots in your life – and shouldn’t be.

In the classic guide “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card” Mary K. Geer puts it this way:

“[through the Tarot] You can dialog with any or all of these inner voices and find out what they want.”

Frequently the voices want to sustain your own self-hate. That’s why they torment you with indecision, regrets, and labeling such as “not good enough.”  

For the former Midwest law firm employee I pulled one card. That’s all that was needed. To her surprise it was the Lover’s card.

“I am not here for romance.” That is what she blurted out in frustration.

I insisted, “What do you see in this card?”

I indicated that she should talk to the card about what she saw, not me.

Immediately, she started a conversation with the serpent on the left-hand side of the card.

“You coiled around my soul. Always that’s how I felt. Threatened. Never confident. I wondered if the other people were ‘pretending’ to feel up to the job.”

The dialog went on detailing why that setting wasn’t a fit. Then she described the process she created to make an exit that ensured no personal financial collapse.

“I did this well.” That’s what she blurted out to the card. Simultaneously she was telling those inner terrorists to leave. If they attempted to return, she could come for a one-card pull of the Tarot.

Of course, Tarot readers have their own inner terrorists. They gleefully vilified me for being a Harvard Law School dropout. Then the late mystic Mary Ann Kremer had me talk to the Moon card. What turned up was the reality that, at the time, I trusted my intuition. In that, yes, I was spot-on.

Since then, like so many dropouts from elite institutions of higher education, I have become a successful serial entrepreneur. Among my enterprises is a marketing communications boutique. Here is the site for the Tarot reading service.

Talk to me about talking to the Tarot – [email protected] or text 203-468-8579

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