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Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen: 3 Reasons why Sagittarius and Scorpio are compatible in a relationship


Whether you are falling in love with someone or are still searching for a partner to tie the knots with, a compatibility check is always considered safe and helpful in depicting your upcoming years together as a couple. A study of distinct differences between two zodiac signs can aid in establishing a harmonious relationship. When it comes to love, the perfect chemistry of our dearest silver screen couples never fails to amaze us. Recently, Lalit Modi, a businessman and a former cricket administrator took to Instagram and announced his relationship with b-town heartthrob Sushmita Sen. This Sagittarius and Scorpio duo creates a huge buzz on social media as they made this relationship official. As per astrology, this water and fire sign pair is quite passionate and builds a completely unique relationship. Envisioning on the surface, both the signs do not have a lot in common but their friendly companionship and the stability and security of a long-term commitment are what make them compatible partners.

Here are 3 reasons why Sagittarius and Scorpio make compatible companions.

Both enjoy learning from each other

The broody and intense scorpions are quite funny and friendly in nature and they believe in diving deep into another person right from the beginning. Both Sagittarius and Scorpio love to get along, cracks jokes, cook together, go out on dates and try to seek ways to learn things from each other. This socially savvy pair love, cheer and cherish each other’s energy and is intrigued by each other’s casual and outgoing nature. This zodiac couple will benefit from each other’s knowledge of their own interests.

Both enjoy learning from each other

Their curious nature bonds them

Both signs are extremely curious by nature and would love to navigate even the smallest of things about each other which aid in curating a resilient bond. Because of their snooping personalities, they both spend lots and lots of time with each other and therefore get to know each other intensely. The archer tries to connect with Scorpio by exploring their interests, hobbies, goals and even their taste in music while Scorpio grill Sagittarius by sharing each and every detail of their life in an in-depth manner.

Their curious nature bonds them

Both a passionate and adventurous in the bedroom

Both Sagittarius and Scorpio are passionate about the bedroom and their intimacy compatibility is just outstanding and exciting. The water sign Scorpio believes in profound partnerships, thus they enjoy bonding deeply with their boo. They try to make love-making sesh romantic and never judge their partner for anything. Similarly, Sagittarius is down for anything, willing to experiment with new things especially if it fits their partner’s dreams. Moreover, both the signs are quite upfront about their feelings and emotions and enjoy physical intimacy accompanied by crystal clear communication to avoid any mix-up.

Though there are certain dissimilarities in their personalities, once this duo starts enticing each other, they commit intensely and establish a strong sense of trust and balance, their passion and perfectly friendly companionship will keep them burning hot for years and years.

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