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KGF actor Harish Roy battles cancer

Do you remember Khasim Chacha from Yash starrer KGF? You would be disappointed to know that the veteran Kannada actor Harish Roy has been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. Reports suggest that the actor is currently undergoing treatment at Kidwai hospital in Delhi. He has reportedly already undergone lung surgery, but the doctors believe that he is in need of more treatment.


Talking about his health update during a conversation with a YouTuber, Harish Roy was quoted saying, “Situations can bestow greatness upon you or take things away from you. There is no escaping fate. I’ve been suffering from cancer for three years. There is a reason I had a long beard when performing in KGF to cover up the swelling in my neck that this disease has created. I put off my surgery because I didn’t have any money at first. I waited till the movies were released. Now that I’m at the fourth stage, things are becoming worse.” He further remembered that he was facing difficulty breathing during a pivotal scene by the end of the film.


The KGF actor further made a video for social media, asking people for financial help, but he has not been able to post it yet. According to the reports, many actors, producers, and directors from Sandalwood are coming forward to support Harish Roy in this time of crisis.


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