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Kawaii theme-inspired reception decor for a pop-culture ceremony

Kawaii is prominent for its pop culture, stunning colours, cute balloons and oversized bows and if you’re looking for wedding reception decor ideas, then you can make merry the beginning of your new life then you can take cues from this incredible theme. Boho traces, eclectic elements, tropical touches, pop colour palettes and quirky backdrops will create a most unconventional ambience for the poppy and jazzy celebration. By planning a cake that shows off your favourite Kawaii character, and adding a Japanese photo booth and other elements- you can pull off a perfect Kawaii-inspired reception ceremony and enjoy it in a full swing. Here we bring you décor ideas inspired by the Kawaii theme that could help you.

Pop colour theme

An authentic Kawaii-themed wedding reception is incomplete without the incorporation of authentic pop colours like Pantone, lavender, pink and other pastel colours. These rich colours depict chic and sophisticated vibes when paired well with royal elements like bows, balloons, elegant masks and other detailed accessories, a perfect combination to pop up your reception décor.

Parasol tent with pop cuts

This is something absolutely new and will make your guests go wow because of its unique shape and intricate cut-outs. Complement it with similar tinted chairs or sit-down seating with similar patterns to make the look cohesive.

Inflated balloons

Inflated cute balloons are extremely popular in Kawaii theme reception. They will take the decoration up a notch while awe-inspiring your guests. Bring in different bloated adorable balloons like the unicorn, pink cat and minion and let them float up to your ceiling. We bet you that your guests will absolutely love it.

Inflated balloons

Coloured lanterns

While danglers are quite a fashion but if you want to go with something few and far between then these woven baskets with bulbs inside are a sure-fire win for the rustic style reception. These basket lanterns not only look gorgeous but also add up to the classic pastoral vibes as they depict wooden texture.


An all-white and golden seating

A golden seating not only visually appeals to your guests but also converts the décor of your reception into more lively, fancy and majestic. You can colour coordinate the seating with the backdrops and a little sparkle of the gold on the sides acts like a cherry on the top. Golden tabletops complemented with some floral touches, dried leaves or elegant artefacts like golden bells on the ceilings or mini floor lamps to bring out the best.

An all-white and golden seating

Bluish ice bar

Do you want to go a completely unusual yet quirky way? Well, an extensive and intricately carved ice bar is all you need. Pair it with blue lights and you will definitely win your guest’s hearts with the elegant artwork and aura it creates. A mirror fixture with blue light can also be installed as a backdrop to imitate the elements and bring out a gorgeous ambience.

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