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Kantara box office collections; Record biggest day of run on Wednesday beating Sunday

Kantara is turning out to be a big breakout at the Karnataka box office with the film recording the biggest day of its box office run on the sixth day of release yesterday. The film was already competing with Sunday numbers on Tuesday and yesterday it went comfortably over them. The Rishab Shetty starrer action drama grossed Rs. 5 crores approx in Karnataka on Wednesday, jumping around 25 per cent from Tuesday. The total box office collections of the film have reached Rs. 21 crores in India, of which Rs. 20.50 crores have come from Karnataka. 

The holiday period in the last three days did help the holds but for such type of trajectory where day six is three times the opening day, you do need the merits of the film as well. In fact, now that the holidays are over, the film may still very well collect over Rs. 3.50 crores today which is simply mindblowing. Now there could be some holiday leftover demand in play and that will be known by how the film performs in its second weekend.

The first week collections in Karnataka should be around Rs. 24-24.50 crores approx which will be similar to 777 Charlie, despite opening half of that film. The film should hit Rs. 50 crores mark in the state, achieved only by a handful of films and may even go on to become the biggest non-KGF grosser.

The box office collections of Kantara at the Indian box office are as follows:

Friday – Rs. 1.60 crores
Saturday – Rs. 3 crores
Sunday – Rs. 4.15 crores
Monday – Rs. 3.15 crores
Tuesday – Rs. 4 crores
Wednesday – Rs. 5.10 crores

Total – Rs. 21 crores

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