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John Krasinski quips he played hero in Doctor Strange 2 to ‘balance out’ being ‘supervillain’ on The Office

In a recent chat with Jimmy Fallon on his show, John Krasinski opened up about playing Reed Richards in Marvel’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and joked about playing the hero to redeem himself after playing the “supervillain” Jim in The Office. Krasinski’s latest cameo in the Marvel sequel was the talk of the town making all speculate his future plans with Marvel.

With the film out, Krasinski was free to talk about his explosive cameo as Mister Fantastic. Talking about the cameo, Krasinski admitted, “It was a big moment for me,” per People. Fallon took the chance and asked him about any chances of his appearance in the newly announced Fantastic 4 movie. To which replied with nothing but awkward laughter as he was totally in the dark. Krasinski revealed that Marvel Studios has the tendency to not tell actors anything until the date of shooting actually comes close.

Meanwhile, Jimmy also brought up rumours of Krasinski’s real-life wife Emily Blunt taking on the role of Susan Storm in the Fantastic 4 film. To which Krasinski gave a simple reply, “Oh is it?” leaving fans as oblivious as ever. 

During the interview, Jimmy brought up the fan opinion that suggested that Jim from The Office was actually the villain of the show. On listening to the opinion, Krasinski said, “Well they’re on to me because I played it as a supervillain.” He then quipped, “That’s why I did Fantastic Four to balance it out — I had already done the villain.” Following Krasinski’s hilarious reply, Fallon tossed the opinion to the side.

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