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Jill Zarin’s daughter Ally shocks TikTok with biological dad

Jill Zarin’s daughter, Ally Shapiro, shocked TikTok by sharing how a sperm bank made a major mix-up that led her to find her biological father.

“When I was 20 yrs old moving into my senior year of college I found an email on my moms computer asking her why I was the only one who had blue eyes & was shorter and fatter than everyone in my family,” Shapiro, now 29, wrote over a video of herself dancing Wednesday.

Shapiro recalled asking her mom about the email, to which the “Real Housewives of New York City” alum, 58, revealed that she and then-husband Steven Shapiro had used a sperm donor to have their daughter.

“I never knew (they divorced when I was 4),” Ally clarified in her viral TikTok post.

Zarin then gave her daughter the sperm donor’s information, and Ally ended up tracking down a sister and six brothers.

“We eventually found our donor dad and some of us even met!” she wrote.

Jill Zarin and Ally Shapiro
Jill Zarin’s daughter, Ally Shapiro, shared how a sperm bank’s mix-up led her to find her biological father.

But three years later, a man contacted Ally after a 23andMe DNA test and said he was a 100 percent match as her biological father.

“We discovered the sperm bank actually mixed up the sperm – now this man was my bio dad and not the one I had need speaking to with all my new siblings 😢,” the Jill & Ally co-founder wrote. “And now I have 4 new sisters and a lot of dads!”

Ally’s TikTok followers immediately flooded the comments section of her post to ask her to share more details on the wild story.

Ally Shapiro
Shapiro’s story went viral on TikTok.

“Damn Bravo could’ve had a whole spinoff. Respectfully, of course,” one person wrote.

“Oh this is tea 😳,” a second person commented, with another writing, “Well this… this here is a lot to unpack 😅.”

“A modern day mama mia story,” a fourth netizen joked.

“I NEED ANDY AND A CAMERA,” one more added, referring to Andy Cohen.

Ally Shapiro
“I have 4 new sisters and a lot of dads,” Shapiro wrote of the confusion.

This isn’t the first time Ally has dished on her daddy drama, however.

She told Page Six exclusively in March 2020 that she was excited to learn she had siblings, only to find out they were not related.

“I think if I had a deeper connection, I would have been gutted,” she told us at the time, reflecting on when she found out the sperm bank had made a mistake. “I felt like I’d been lying to them all these years.”

Zarin and Steven welcomed Ally in 1991. They divorced in 1998 after nearly a decade of marriage. The former Bravolebrity went on to marry Bobby Zarin in 2000, but he died of cancer in 2018.

Zarin has since moved on with boyfriend Gary Brody.

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