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Jerry Jones wasn’t wearing seatbelt in May car crash

Jerry Jones’ May car crash could have been much, much worse.

The Cowboys owner told cops following the accident that he was not wearing a seat belt when he T-boned a Hyundai earlier this year, and instead had it buckled behind him. In footage obtained by TMZ, Jones also said that he was going about 45 miles per hour and the airbags in his 2013 Lexus deployed, making the potential for serious injury even higher.

“You had [the seatbelt] buckled behind you but you weren’t wearing it,” one cop tells Jones in the footage, which has been blurred by police.

Jerry Jones at Cowboys training camp.
Jerry Jones at Cowboys training camp.
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“That is correct,” Jones replies. “That is correct.”

Jones, who turns 80 in October, suffered only minor injuries, saying he had a “head bump, chest bump [and] knee bump.” He was eventually cleared of wrongdoing in the case, and implied to police in the video that the other driver was at fault.

Jones did not suffer any lingering effects from the crash.

Jerry Jones' May car crash.
Jerry Jones’ May car crash.

“He just U-[turned],” Jones said. “He just simply U-ed right in front of me. I hit him broadside. I’m so happy he’s not hurt.”

The officer speaking to Jones stressed the need for him to wear a seat belt correctly, to which Jones agreed.

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