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Ivana Trump’s will left a $1M condo to her ex-nanny


The last will and testament of a late socialite is now in the public record — and it’s very personal. 

Ivana Trump, who passed away last July after falling down the staircase of her Manhattan home, carefully divvied up her estate before her death. 

Probate records reviewed by Insider show that the 73-year-old left most of her estate to her three children — Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka and Eric — a $1 million Miami Beach, Florida apartment to her former nanny, and zilch for her ex-husband, the former president. 

The nanny also got her pooch.

“I give and bequeath my dog, Tiger Trump, and any other pet that I may own at the time of my death to my friend, Susanna Dorothy Curry,” reads the document. Ivana even made provisions for the case of Curry passing away before her: Should that have happened, Tiger would have gone to Eric. 

Curry worked for the Trump family over the course of decades, according to Newsweek. Ivana even wrote about Curry in her 2017 book “Raising Trump” — remembering her starting to work as a nanny for the family “with a sparkle in her eye and plenty of nervous energy.” Later, after the kids grew up, Curry worked as Ivana’s assistant.

Newsweek added that Curry, who hails from Ireland, has a residential address in Queens — though it isn’t clear if she still resides there. The Post tried reaching out to Curry; a number connected to her was out of service.

But despite living in America, Curry’s Irish roots remained tight, and the Irish Mirror reported in 2016 that she took the Trump children on trips to her native country.

As for the apartment, the Miami Beach unit has an estimated value of $1.12 million, according to Redfin, where a bio describes the one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo as measuring just more than 1,000 square feet. It was reportedly built in 2001, and was last purchased for $635,000 in 2009. 

ivana trump will and testament
In addition to the $1 million apartment in this building, the former nanny also received Ivana’s dog.
ivana trump will and testament
Ivana’s gilded Manhattan townhouse, which recently listed for sale.
Evan Joseph Photography / MEGA
ivana trump will and testament
That Upper East Side building asks $26.5 million.
Evan Joseph Photography / MEGA
ivana trump will and testament
Ivana Trump in 1990.
Getty Images

Other highlights of Ivana’s will include her request that her wardrobe be donated to The American Red Cross and Salvation Army. All of her wardrobe, that is, except her fur collection and jewelry, which she requested be sold, with any profit going to her kids. 

Although Donald Trump didn’t receive a dime, Ivana did grant him — along with her grown children — co-control of her real-estate assets, estimated to be worth well into the millions. They include a Czech Republic property, a French property and her gold-covered Upper East Side townhouse. That 20-foot-wide Manhattan spread hit the market in November for for $26.5 million.


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