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“It’s Not Like This” – Watch Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp Sends Eric Ten Hag An ‘only One Tip’ Message On How To Improve Manchester United Ahead Of Their Premier League Clash

“It’s not like this” – Watch Liverpool boss jurgen klopp sends Eric Ten Hag an ‘only one tip’ message on how to improve Manchester United ahead of their Premier league clash

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp gives Erik ten Hag “only” one tip to improve Man Utd

On Monday night, a crucial Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United will take place. Both teams have lost their first two games.

Erik ten Hag, the struggling new manager of Manchester United, is the subject of sympathy, according to Jurgen Klopp.

"It's not like this" - Watch Liverpool boss jurgen klopp sends Eric Ten Hag an 'only one tip' message on how to improve Manchester United ahead of their Premier league clash 2 Sportelo

LEEUWARDEN, NETHERLANDS – MARCH 11: Coach Erik Ten Hag of Ajax during the Dutch Eredivisie match between SC Cambuur and Ajax at the Cambuur Stadion on March 11, 2022 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands (Photo by Henk Jan Dijks/BSR Agency/Getty Images)

If he is unable to stop a dreadful start at Old Trafford in which United has been beaten by both Brighton and Brentford, Klopp has warned the Dutchman to beware the Premier League “sharks” who would want to swallow him whole.

However, the Liverpool manager acknowledged that if he can make Ten Hag’s issues worse when he leads his club to Manchester on Monday night, sympathy will be hard to come by.

When asked if he had any consolation for his new adversary, Klopp replied, “No, I have not. We all have problems; these problems are related to football.

“I’m not sure that if you went to Manchester United you could ask Ten Hag if he thinks we have a few injuries too many.

“It’s not like this. The football world is a sea full of sharks. It is not necessary that I feel sympathy.

“It will not help them or harm them that I don’t. We all have our own problems and that’s it.”

Klopp added: “When I arrived here seven years ago, I don’t think we hit the ground running. It wasn’t ‘oh God, you can see it immediately’.

“What I can say is that I didn’t read anything – and that makes it easier because you know that when you’re not over the moon about your own results, you don’t care what people say.

“You don’t have to read it. You don’t have to be fussed by it. You focus on work and go for the little steps.

“I am pretty sure that it’s the same for each club. I don’t think it’s anything different for bigger clubs. Sure, if you lose then the first five articles in newspapers are about that.

“But if you are strong enough not to read that then you can have an okay life and just work on the important stuff.

“So that’s what I have done for seven years and that helps me. That is the only advice I could give.”

“It is not my cup of tea,” said Klopp. “I can’t sit here four days before we play United and create headlines.

“If I say ‘yes’ it’s just a matter of telling them how to do it. If I say ‘no’ then we have a real mess.

“You can ask me if we could play Pep Guardiola-football – and if I could coach like that then it could be possible.

“But I have nothing to say about Manchester United. It’s not my subject.”

But Klopp’s revelation that it took him just a single training session to get his message across to the squad he took over in October 2015 will resonate with Ten Hag.

“It was a Saturday game and we only had two days because the players came back from internationals after the Wednesday.

We had the Thursday and Friday, not really to train but to recover. We had one training session.

“But for the first impression of an idea it was outstanding. I can still see Adam Lallana flying around pressing everyone who wore a different shirt. That was really cool.

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