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Is Tom Cruise moving into a USD 10 million house in London?

According to recent reports for Page Six, Tom Cruise is off to find a new house for himself in London. The Mission Impossible star was temporarily stationed at a luxe hotel in the city but has now decided to look for a more permanent housing situation, given that his recent release Top Gun: Maverick made upwards of USD 1 billion and became his biggest film yet.

As per the outlet, Cruise is property surfing in the upscale Kensington area near the royal Kensington Palace. The source revealed, “He’s shopping in the USD 10 million range.” They also disclosed that the actor plans to use the new house as a primary residence in the country. It has been previously reported that fashion designer Stella McCartney, Robbie Williams and Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson have all lived in the high society neighbourhood before. The area Cruise is reportedly looking into also houses the Kensington Palace Gardens. the area has also been dubbed Billionaires Row due to its posh residents.

However, the houses located in the luxe neighbourhood are no less than USD 35 million. These days there has been significant chatter about the star falling in love with the city. A source not long ago opened up about Cruise‘s love for the city and told In Touch Weekly, “Tom loves the rainy weather, the people, taking long walks in the city.” They continued, “He’s never had a place to call home before, not really, but he’s finally found that in London.”

The star has been spotted enjoying London as he was recently snapped at the British Grand Prix, Wimbledon and even at dinner with friends Salma Hayek and her husband.

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