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I’m a plus-sized dancer and I don’t care if people say ‘don’t look nice’

Shake ’em off.

Plus-sized dancer Lexie Martin won’t let the haters get her down after facing cruel backlash for showing off her moves on TikTok.

In response to one hater who said she “doesn’t look nice,” she danced her heart out in a clip with over 833,000 views.

Dropping it low to the tune “Milkshake” by Kelis, Martin, who touts nearly 21,000 followers on the app, showed a portion of her routine while in a studio.

“When you’re not interested in looking ‘nice,’” she wrote in the caption.

Her viewers showered her in praise, telling her to forget the critics.

“It doesn’t look nice. it looks freaking amazing,” wrote one astounded follower.

“Ignore the negative comments.. Keep enjoying life,” cheered another.

Lexie Martin dancing
She flaunted her impressive moves on camera to the tune “Milkshake.”

“If you weren’t being active they’d call you lazy, but then they have something to say about you getting up and moving. Can’t win!” commented one user.

“You look amazing!!!!! I love watching you dance!” added another viewer.

“Go girl!!! Us bigger ladies are told to lose weight and exercise and then when we do we are shamed for it!!!” complimented someone else.

The TikToker also posts body-positive content, using the hashtags #plussizejoy and #plussizeedition on her videos.

Lexie Martin Dancing
She even dropped it low, earning praise from other users.

Martin regularly responds to haters online — in the form of dance — and in other clips, she can be seen touting her skills regardless of the negativity.

When one user wrote “nope” out of hate, Martin simply replied, “Honey YAAAASSS.”

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