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“I Would Love To Play For Liverpool Again” – Watch Raheem Sterling Admits He Wants Anfield Return

“I would love to play for liverpool again” – Watch Raheem sterling admits he wants Anfield return

When it comes to division-level negotiations, something must be in the air at Chelsea.

Raheem Sterling appears to be firmly on the incoming radar while Mount is being connected away.

The Manchester City star’s preferred location, though, is apparently not here.

"I would love to play for liverpool again" - Watch Raheem sterling admits he wants Anfield return 2 Sportelo

Raheem sterling (photo by Getty images)

Sterling’s priority this summer is a transfer to Liverpool, claims Robin Bairner, a freelance journalist who frequently appears on Goal and Football Transfers.

The only serious suitors appear to be Chelsea or Barcelona, suggesting that he may have already given up on this goal.

Sterling is alleged to have inquired about a potential return to Liverpool, only to have that request denied.

Now that the transfer is reportedly “off the table,” it comes as no surprise. Given the combination of history and the heat of the present competitive rivalry with Manchester City.

Sterling’s return to Liverpool would have been the most dramatic transfer of the last ten years or more.

Even so, it shows that Anfield is one of the most alluring places in the world today a far cry from the time the winger first advocated moving to the Etihad.

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