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I went to McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch — but left with bags of cash instead


One man’s trip to McDonald’s made no cents.

TikTok user Josiah Vargas, who goes by the username @dookiedoeboy, has claimed that when he swung by his local McDonald’s drive-thru to grab a quick bite to eat, he was handed a bag full of cash in addition to his requested sausage McMuffin.

The video, which has climbed to more than 891,000 views and topped 205,000 likes, showed Vargas opening up his to-go bag and apparently finding wads of money inside.

“What’s in this bag? Their f–king deposits,” Vargas said in the TikTok video as he revealed Ziploc bags full of bills.

“Just a couple thousand dollars here,” he noted. “Like, what is this? Why would they do this?

“Now I have to return this because I’m a good person, I guess,” added Vargas, who didn’t state the location of the restaurant.

One man left the McDonald's drive-through with a pot of gold.
This McDonald’s customer left with a pot of gold.
Tiktok / dookiedoeboy
TikToker Josiah Vargas was handed a bag of cash at a McDonald's drive-through, which he later returned.
TikToker Josiah Vargas was handed a bag of cash at a McDonald’s drive-thru, though he later returned it.
Tiktok / dookiedoeboy

Vargas then turned around to return the moolah to the restaurant.

“Why would you guys do this to me? Do you know how bad I want this money?” Vargas seemingly asked himself as he got out of his car.

When he gave it back to the employees inside, he jokingly asked them if they were laundering money. The crew working that day seemed to be quite relieved that they got their cash back, as a chorus of “Oh, my Gods” erupted between them.

One staff member can even be heard saying that she wanted to give Vargas a hug and take a picture of him.

“They were just all hugging me and thanking me and crying, and I get free McDonald’s for a month, I guess,” Vargas announced to his camera when he was back in the car after doing the good deed. He also claimed that they gave him a reward of $200.

Josiah Vargas was rewarded with $200 and a month of free McDonald's after he returned the cash.
Josiah Vargas was reportedly rewarded with $200 and a month of free McDonald’s after he returned the cash.
Tiktok / dookiedoeboy

The Post has reached out to McDonald’s for comment.

However, even though Vargas did the right thing by returning the cash, some commenters on TikTok admitted they wouldn’t have done the same if they found themselves in that position.

“Nah I’m McKeeping that,” one user joked in the comments section.

Another agreed, writing, “I would literally be like, ✨ ‘The universe has blessed me.’ ✨ 🧚🏼 🍄 and drive away. Lol.”

One man went through the McDonald's drive-through to get a sausage McMuffin, but left with so much more.
The golden arches were a gold rush for this McDonald’s customer.
Tiktok / dookiedoeboy

One person chimed in: “Yeah I’m not giving the money back, McDonalds will be ok,” while one commenter even claimed that Vargas most likely saved the employees’ paychecks.

“Someone kept their job because you did the right thing good on you man,” they wrote.

In a follow-up video, Vargas admitted that he later went back to McDonald’s — but this time, they had no idea who he was.

“They put my name down and my number, and I had to pay for my two McChickens and a Sprite, which is fine. I’m not too worried about it,” he claimed.

“That’s a McRipoff!” one person commented in response.


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