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I was blinded after doctors removed the wrong eye

They should’ve kept an “eye out” during the operation.

A Slovakian hospital has apologized following an egregious medical mishap, in which doctors removed the wrong eye from a patient, leaving him unable to see.

“We are very sensitive to this tragic event,” Eva Kliska, a spokeswoman for the University Hospital Bratislava in Bratislava, where the botched operation occurred, said in a statement, according to Slovakian news agency TASR.

The event occurred after the unnamed patient reported to the Ružinov Hospital in Bratislava to get his bad eye removed. However, when he woke up following the procedure, the horrified man noticed that he was blind, the Sun reported.

It came out later that the doctors, lacking an eye for detail, bungled the operation and removed his good peeper by mistake.

Kliska has since apologized for the horrific error, which they deemed a one-off and insisted they were helping the patient deal with the trauma.

“The hospital has provided the patient and his family with full cooperation in mitigating the consequences, both medical, psychological and social,” said the representative. She added that the facility was communicating “with those affected and we will help in all directions.”

Ružinov Hospital in Bratislava, where the medical mishap occurred.
Ružinov Hospital in Bratislava, where the medical mishap occurred.
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Meanwhile, the medic responsible has since been let go while the facility claims to have retrained the staff in an effort to prevent another corneal calamity. “The management of the safe operation protocol is consistently performed in the operating room, followed by compliance with the rules of postoperative care,” claimed Kliska.

Despite their damage control measures, the patient could be eligible for compensation for the trauma as well as loss of earnings, according to TASR.

“Compensation can also be in the tens of thousands of euros, or even more,” said law professor and ex-physician Peter Kováč. “Given the current public circumstances of the case, it is difficult to anticipate a court decision other than to the detriment of the provider.”

Unfortunately, operating room follies are more common than people would like to believe. In December, an Austrian surgeon was fined $3,049 after amputating the wrong leg of a patient, who later died.

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