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I thought my dad was dead for 31 years — finding the truth changed my life


It’s almost too good to be true.

A woman has shared a heartwarming story of finding her father — after decades of believing he was dead.

Sharnee, who only goes by her first name online, was convinced her biological dad was deceased after her family led her to believe the supposed sham. In reality, he turned out to be alive and well.

The New Zealand woman spent years doing research, using only the descriptors provided by her mom, and it paid off. Following many late nights of research, she came across a man on Facebook who fit the bill.

She shared a screen recording of her Facebook Messenger correspondence on TikTok, amassing more than 11.6 million views.

“Hi, this is a random question and [I] apologize for intruding. Did you travel to New Zealand in 1990?” she began the first message.

“Hiya. How you doing?” he replied. “Yes, lived there twice, Sharnee. Who are you?”

After a bit of back and forth between the two, she inquired about his time spent in Christchurch, New Zealand in the ’90s, acknowledging her inquiry seemed “odd” and “personal.”

Sharnee discovered her father, who she believed was dead for three decades, is really alive.
sharnee.xo TickTock

“When you were living here, Christchurch/New Zealand. Did you sleep with any women?” she asked bluntly. “My mother, who I deeply and dearly love has given me your name and so I’ve done years and years and years of research and you fit all these descriptions.”

“I’m so very sorry that this all seems very strange!” she added.

In a moment of pure shock, he confirmed that he remembered Sharnee’s mom, sharing details about her that only Sharnee would likely know. He knew her mom’s birthday and the name of her brother, claiming that the two kept “bumping into each other” on nights out on the town.

When asked if he knew anything about Sharnee’s existence, he said “no.”

While it was clear there was more to the conversation, Sharnee cut off the clip, leaving viewers begging for more of the story, which happened months ago.

“1st off I’m so happy for you . I’m so glad u found him . 2nd woman where the rest of that Convo lol,” one person commented.

“Remembers your mum’s birthday,” wrote one shocked user.

“Nah the way he could have escaped all this if he wanted to but actually tried to communicate with u is just amazing,” another agreed.

Facebook Messenger
The two exchanged messages via Facebook Messenger.
sharnee.xo TickTock
Found father
The man who supposedly is her father even shared a snap of him around the time he would have met Sharnee’s mom.
sharnee.xo TickTock

“The amount of details he remembers, seems like a good person,” someone else said.

Other TikTokers laughed at the “dad” use of the thumbs-up emoji, joking that just the icon alone proves he’s dad material.

She has since started a fundraiser in an attempt to raise enough money to finally meet her alleged biological father, who she says has spoken to her every day since they connected.

Titled “Help me meet my dad,” the fundraising page claims the money will go towards paying for DNA tests and flights to connect in person. So far, she’s received over $1,200 in donations in less than a week.

“I grew up all of my life being told he wasn’t alive, I knew I just knew something wasn’t right. Something was off, I’ve spent years, months, weeks, days, hours looking for said man,” she wrote, adding that she even applied multiple times for a lost -and-found TV show and was rejected.

“All I had was a name, and was told he was absolutely sports-mad. That’s all I had. Family knew nothing, nothing at all,” she continued.

“One night, just four-ish months ago I just thought I’d look his name up on social media, with a common name I thought this would be absolutely impossible to find, I mean what if he was dead?” she added.

She detailed how she stumbled across his page that “was sports, sports, sports” and confirmed that he lived in Christchurch in 1990, just before her mom got pregnant.

“I need to meet this man, do DNA with this man and start making memories with this man,” she wrote. “I have young children that could be his grandchildren, he has other children that could be my siblings. Please help.”


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