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I spent $60K on surgery to look like Kim Kardashian — and I don’t regret it

Move over, Kim Kardashian — you may be getting some competition.

A South Korean woman has spent more than $60,000 and undergone 15 surgeries to make herself look like the reality star and SKIMS mogul.

Cherri Lee — who was born with the name Hanbyeol — grew up watching Kardashian, 41, and has longed to be like her.

“Kim has always been an inspiration to me and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes,” Lee gushed to South West News Service recently.

Lee had her first surgery when she was 20, doing a procedure to get double eyelids.

The now-28-year-old has also went under the knife to get surgeries including three Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), two breast augmentations and several facial reconstruction jobs.

Her look has evolved so much that many people don’t realize she is Asian, she told SWNS — even some close to her.

“I actually look like a completely different person now to before,” she said. “I look Western, and some of my Korean family don’t even recognize me anymore.”

The part-time English teacher — who said she has received monetary help and support from her parents — got her first boob job in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea, and now has 34GGG cup-sized breasts.

Cherri Lee
The 28-year-old was “addicted” to surgery and has no regrets about going under the knife.
Cherri Lee / SWNS
Cherri Lee
“I always wanted the glamorous big boobs and big bum Kardashian look,” Lee said.
Cherri Lee / SWNS
"Kim has always been an inspiration to me and she's the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes," Cherri Lee said of her idol, pictured here.
“Kim has always been an inspiration to me and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world in my eyes,” Cherri Lee said of her idol, pictured here.

While Lee is done with her surgeries for the time being, she doesn’t “regret a single procedure and I’d do it all again the same” — adding that her “only regret is why didn’t I do it sooner.”

It was after a hard breakup in the early 2010s that she decided to switch up her look. She became “addicted to surgeries” but saw “positive changes” every time she came out of the hospital.

“I would get a buzz when I would wake up in excruciating pain and then see myself afterwards and it would be my reward,” she said.

Her ex-boyfriend didn’t want her back after her first surgery in 2014 and she subsequently had her BBLs between 2019 and 2021.

Cherri Lee
Lee began undergoing cosmetic procedures in 2014 following a breakup.
Cherri Lee / SWNS
Cherri Lee
Lee, shown pre-surgeries, said some family members don’t recognize her now.
Cherri Lee / SWNS

Between those years, Lee received a nose job, cheekbone surgery, a double chin reduction and two rounds of buccal fat removal.

Lee is currently single and living in South Korea and believes that due, to her Asian background, her Kardashian-esque looks “take much more effort” to perfect.

Cherri Lee
The teacher claimed her breasts have gone up to a size 34GGG.
Cherri Lee / SWNS

“I don’t think my facial features look like Kim K but the overall vibe is her,” she said, adding that people do tell her she “should be her body double.”

Lee further said that she “was never really a fan of Oriental looks” and didn’t love her appearance pre-surgery.

“I didn’t like how I looked before, but I’m really happy now,” she declared.

Cherri Lee
She has done three BBL surgeries to achieve a look similar to Kardashian’s.
Cherri Lee / SWNS
Cherri Lee
“I know when to stop and I’m not planning any more surgeries now,” Lee stated. “I have achieved the look I always wanted.”
Cherri Lee / SWNS

And while people stop and stare at her in public and give her compliments, she hates it when men ask for her number.

In a twist, her ex reportedly has been back in touch with her since she transformed and allegedly wants to reignite their relationship. However, Lee has other plans.

“I’m too good for him now and I’m getting a higher caliber of men approaching me,” she said.

Cherri Lee
Lee, shown in her younger years, didn’t like how she looked as a teen and decided to make a change.
Cherri Lee / SWNS

“It was plain rude,” Lee said.

As for the few negative reactions she said she gets, Lee “doesn’t let it affect” her. One middle-aged lady even asked her once time if she was a sex worker.

“If you have nothing nice to say, jog on. Everybody should have the right to modify their body. Do what you want, as long as you’re not harming anyone,” she stated.

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