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‘I have my own identity’: Asha Negi opens up on being bothered by the label of being someone’s girlfriend

Asha Negi is one of the television actresses who doesn’t need an introduction. She is one of the most successful actresses in the industry and debuted in the television world in 2010 with the show Sapnon Se Bhare Naina. Over the years, she has proved her acting prowess by starring in numerous popular shows. Being under the limelight, Asha had always been an outgoing person, and maintaining that presence is quite tough. The actress recently opened up in an interview with Hindustan Times about the issues of having a public relationship.

While she is currently single, Asha Negi admits that once she is in a relationship, she intends to turn a new leaf, by not talking about it. Negi has been one of those few celebs who has been quite vocal about her relationship, especially the much publicised and widely reported affair with actor Rithvik Dhanjani. Their 7-year-old romance ended in 2020, however, Negi is still often prodded about her ex.

Pavitra Rishta actress shared, “With my experience, I’ve learnt that it’s very important to keep your life private as much as you can. When I was in a relationship, half the time I used to be acknowledged and called somebody’s girlfriend. That used to bother me because I think I also have my own identity. I have been here in the industry for some time now.”

Elaborating further she said she is fine with being addressed as someone’s girlfriend, but even for work-related stories, when media portals used to write it, then it used to bother her. She felt that it was not necessary there.

As a result, Negi has decided to keep her next relationship private. “That will be the main reason I want to be a little private. Otherwise, I’m not a secretive person. I’d like to maintain a bit of privacy in my life. (But) I’m a person who likes to go with the flow. When I’m in love I’m not a secretive person. I’ll try my best to keep it private but I think people will get to know (laughs).”

While the Ludo actor confesses that she would like to fall in love in her life, but now is not the right time.

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