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How’s Wendy Williams doin’? Exclusive interview | Post Poppin’ with Asia Grace (Video)

“Excuse me, I’m gorgeous. Can I f—?” Wendy Williams was outspoken as ever in this exclusive Zoom sit-down with The Post’s Asia Grace. Our host made sure she was on her “A game” when interviewing the 57-year-old daytime diva. “She’s still a woman. She’s still vibrant. She’s still ready to go. Nothing is holding her back,” Grace revealed in this behind-the-scenes episode.
Williams — who suffers from Graves’ disease — dished about the anticlimactic end to “The Wendy Williams Show” and what’s next for the self-described “extremely famous” New Jersey native. She wants to start a podcast to chat with the likes of Donald Trump and open a restaurant in New York or her home state. It’s a “full circle” moment for our host, Asia Grace, who has followed Williams’ radio and television career for years.

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