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How Peyton Manning landed Pat McAfee for new ESPN broadcasts


One of the reasons ESPN wanted to align with Peyton Manning and his Omaha Productions is because Manning can close deals. A perfect example is the new agreement for the sought-after Pat McAfee to do his own “ManningCasts,” alternative broadcasts for six big-time college football games, that will air on ESPN2.

1. McAfee has had talks with Amazon and ESPN, according to sources. For Amazon, it was for a variety of specialty shows including “Thursday Night Football.” With ESPN, there were discussions about returning to “College GameDay.” McAfee told The Post that he wouldn’t necessarily rule out a future deal with Amazon or GameDay, but …

“I’ve had great conversations with both companies, we just weren’t able to get to a point where ‘the ask’ and ‘the business’ were where it needed to be to get a deal done on both fronts,” McAfee said. “My daily show is my No. 1 focus.”

2. McAfee’s business model is perfectly aligned with modern media. The “Pat McAfee Show” has a direct-to-consumer platform through YouTube and social media. It has a paid audio deal with SiriusXM. McAfee is on broadcast TV with WWE’s “Friday Night Smackdown” on Fox. Now he returns to cable, where he has previously been on ESPN.


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