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How Lawyer Made Partner or How Lawyer Transitioned to a Better Fit?

Law.com has a regular column: How a lawyer made partner. Here is a current version of that on Law.com.

But, as we experience on popular site Subreddit Big Law (it is creating the excitement Abovethelaw had in its early days) is the focus of lawyers on how to decide what the transition should be and how to navigate it. Here is a typical question coming in from an associate interested in what are the exit options out of debt finance. 

Increasingly there is a shift from the objective of making partner in any law firm – large, midsize or samall – to leveraging a prestigious position for what could be a longer-term fit. The legal sector provides plenty of mobility. 

In addition, there is the grim recognition that partnership doesn’t necessarily limit the almost impossible hours required to practice law. Also, it is no longer necessarily guaranteed as a lifetime position. Especially vulnerable are non-equity partners. Here is my short short fiction about those.

Therefore, I wonder if the Law.com column on the how of making partner is out-of-date. Perhaps a more relevant one could be: How I made it through Big Law and Connected the Dots on what would be my Next.

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