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‘How do I work this s–t?’

Kevin Durant’s history with social media is complicated. The same could be said about his first attempt at TikTok.

The 33-year-old Nets superstar made his first appearance on TikTok on Friday, and his foray into the social media video app was equal parts hilarious and bizarre.

In the seven-second video, Durant, whose username is 2way3level, looks at the camera for six seconds before asking the room, “Yo, how do I work this s–t?”

Durant, who looks to be on his way out of Brooklyn after demanding a trade this offseason, already has an electric presence on Twitter, where he often engages with fans and media.

Just a few days ago, he said he didn’t find Peyton Manning’s joke at his expense at the 2017 ESPYs funny, saying if he did, he would’ve laughed. After Durant joined up with the Warriors that summer, Manning joked that he’d want to play for the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team, which had cleaned up at the Olympics a year prior.

Kevin Durant is now on TikTok.
Kevin Durant is now on TikTok.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Earlier this month, Durant also took to Twitter with his first public comments since demanding a trade, cryptically tweeting, “The ones who were locked in that gym with me know what it is, they know what I’m about. If u haven’t been in there with me, ask around.”

And in 2017, Durant was infamously caught using a burner account to justify his leaving the Thunder for the Warriors.

It’s unclear what exactly Durant will bring to TikTok, but if his opening act is any indication it will at least be interesting.

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