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How did Shoaib Ibrahim bounce back to work post-pandemic? Ajooni actor explains

Shoaib Ibrahim is all set with Star Bharat’s new show ‘Ajooni’ where we audience gets to see the actor in a role like never before. The actor recently opened up about fighting his own battles during the pandemic and talks about mental health. He shared about how he strived through all of it and got back to acting. Talking about his comeback to the screens, the actor describes his journey through the pandemic and the importance of mental health.

The actor says, “Patience is the key to his mental health. Another aspect is to be content with what and where we are. Wishes and wants never end but how we choose to handle our mind is on us.” Shoaib had lost his father during the pandemic post, due to which he had stopped taking up any work. He wanted to spend time with his near and dear ones, and now has managed to bounce back stronger than before.

When asked about his journey through the pandemic, Shoaib revealed that he took this time to reel back and reflect. He further added that he had started a YouTube channel to document all the moments spent with his near and dear ones through the pandemic. He added that the pandemic was hard on all. With his YouTube channel, he just wanted to spread a little joy in hard times.

About his show Ajooni

The protagonist of Ajooni is a girl who is very simple and belongs to a middle-class family. Shoaib Ibrahim plays the role of Rajveer, who is a smart Punjabi guy and a stubborn son.  In such a situation, it will be amusing to see what transpires when the naive gullible Ajooni and the spoiled, obstinate Rajveer come face to face with each other.

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