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House of the Dragon: Netizens point out major CGI mistake in new episode of the series

The Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon seems to be on the same path as its predecessor. GoT had made quite a buzz when in the later episodes of the series an errant coffee cup was spotted laying idling on a table in a scene and now HOTD is getting caught for similar mistakes by fans on Twitter.

After the recent episode 3 of the series came out, a fan on Twitter noticed a CGI error in the clips. A big part of the plot has been King Viserys’ disease which is getting worse as the years go by. In the third episode of the series, it was quickly clear that the King had lost some of his limbs due to the deadly disease. In one of the scenes, the netizen caught on to a mistake made by the editors of the show. The Twitter user noticed King Viserys’ hand in one of the shots which clearly showed his hand covered in a green glove.

Originally, the fingers are supposed to be erased out of the shot using CGI but the editors slipped in one of the scenes which started a hilarious thread on the Internet where fans expressed their shock and amusement at the clip. The scene also reminded fans of some of the small mistakes that had been made in the original series the Game of the Thrones, especially the coffee cup incident. The fingers are likely to be cut out off the scenes in the coming days as the producers of the show catch up.

Check out the House of the dragon error below:

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