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Hottest social media food trends for a breakfast that’s wicked good

While not every recipe that surfaces on social media promises you flavour unbounded; there are some viral hacks that deserve the stardom they have received. Right from Dalgona coffee to one-pot pasta, there have been more hits than misses when it comes to the social media food trends. Most recently, a variety of intriguing breakfast trends have gone viral. From tea bombs to orange coffee and cheesecake toast that can be instantly prepared; here are some of the highlights that you can cook for your breakfast table.

  1. Spiced Orange iced coffee

A lot of people believe their mornings are incomplete without a cup of coffee. If you are one of them then the spiced orange iced coffee is ideal for one of your warmer mornings. In case you are apprehensive about mixing fruit with coffee, then this recipe will lay your worries to rest in no time at all. It requires very few ingredients, yet the resulting treat is completely divine. Here’s the recipe-

  1. Custard yogurt toast

If you are a fan of cheesecake and baked yoghurt, then this custard yoghurt toast will satiate your breakfast cravings. It involves a fair bit of dairy and carbs, so it is not for vegans unless you substitute soy milk for the dairy. But if you have bread, Greek yoghurt, some berries and an air fryer close at hand, then this is perfect for you. The best part is this is instant custard toast, which ensures you save lots of time with your early morning breakfast routine. Have a look-

  1. Tea bombs

The inception of the trend was seen with the hot chocolate bombs that can be plonked into milk to create a cup of gourmet hot chocolate. This is much like the way a bath bomb was dropped into a tub to give you a luxurious soak. But the tea bombs are a new trend that are as beautiful as they are nifty. The preparation is a little tricky but if you are a DIYer then it should be an interesting project you can take on with this recipe.

  1. Cake-for-breakfast with Double Chocolate Baked Oats

You may be aware of overnight oats, but this recipe to baked oats takes this humble ingredient to a whole new level of cake-like consistency, which lets you enjoyed dessert for breakfast. This recipe to the viral baked oats requires banana, milk or its equivalent, a sweetener and some oatmeal that you can transform into a delicious double chocolate baked oats. The cherry on the cake is that you can transform this to your liking with toppings of your choice, be it chocolate chips, berries, or even a dash of cinnamon sugar.

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