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Hong Kong bunny resort fully booked for Year of the Rabbit


Business is booming at a luxury bunny resort in Hong Kong as China rings in the Year of the Rabbit on Sunday.

Bunny Style, a place where rabbits are pampered with parties, spa treatments, exercise and countless carrots, is completely booked for the Lunar New Year, owner Donna Li told HuffPost.

“I think rabbits understand what people say,” Li told the outlet. “And so when I look after them, I talk to them a lot, telling them how beautiful and cute they are.”

The fee to board is around $15 a night, which includes half an hour of supervised playtime. Beauty treatments cost extra.

A staff member feeds a rabbit
A Hong Kong rabbit resort is fully booked for Lunar New Year.

Co-founder Donna Li gives a manicure to a rabbit at the Bunny Style.
The rabbits are given manicures and massages at Bunny Style.


A rabbit is groomed at Bunny Style.
This Lunar New Year marks the beginning of Year of the Rabbit.

A rabbit runs through a maze.
The bunnies are given parties and highly elaborate play.


Owners are also provided with access to a live stream and video clips so they can check on their bunnies from afar.

The fuzzy creatures are popular pets in the city, where apartments tend to be small, and Li herself has two.

A staff member cleans cages at Bunny Style.
Rabbits are a very popular pet in Hong Kong, where apartments can be small.

Photographs of rabbit residents are displayed at the Bunny Style Hotel.
Each furry resident is given a spot on the bulletin board.


Staff members unload the rabbit of an arriving customer.
Owners are provided with access to a live stream and video clips of their furry friends.


When she launched Bunny Style in June, it consisted of just a playroom where the animals could cool down from the city’s hot and humid temperatures.

“To begin with, my idea was mainly about setting up a safe indoor play space with a suitable temperature for rabbits,” she explained.

Co-founder Donna Li makes a rabbit grass cake at the Bunny Style Hotel in Hong Kong.
The bunnies are pampered at the resort, fed cake and other delicacies.

Rabbit grass cakes are prepared at the Rabbit Resort.
Co-founder Donna Li makes a rabbit grass cake.


However, once COVID restrictions started lifting in September, she saw the need for boarding facilities and pivoted her business model.


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