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Hong Kong-based University Announces Metaverse Campus Launch

  • Initiative will allow students from over the world to participate in classes and events.
  • The University of Tokyo has also revealed the use of metaverse technology.

Institutions are discovering new uses for metaverse environments and gradually incorporating them into their daily operations. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has unveiled plans to merge its two campuses into a single virtual world. A new program, Metahkust, will allow university students from all over the world to participate in classes and events as if they were all in the same place.

Endless Possibilities and Real-Time Experience

The Guangzhou campus’s launch in September will be the first time this metaverse-based technology will be put to the test. Professor Pan Hui from the Guangzhou campus’s department of computational media and arts said it replicates the experience of the real world.

Pan Hui stated:

“Metaverse-based classrooms and campuses can offer advantages over standard remote classroom setups, such as employing video conferencing tools like Zoom, according to the college. Metaverse environments, according to Hui, allow students to engage with one another in a way that mimics the experience of being in a classroom in the real world.”

Because of the limitations imposed by geographical distance, this new focus would, according to Hu, foster a sense of “unity and participation.” Installing sensors and cameras will help the university achieve its goal of creating a unified virtual campus by providing information to the metaverse system.

The University of Tokyo has also recently revealed the use of metaverse technology in its educational programs. Earlier this year, the college stated that it would begin teaching introductory engineering courses in the metaverse later this year. Metaverse adoption is on the rise across various sectors and institutions are embracing the possibilities.

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