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Hollywood Newsmaker of the Week: Britney Spears ties the knot, Justin Bieber reveals his paralyzed face & more


Hollywood has been a rollercoaster ride this week, though the highs certainly overshadowed the lows. The week opened up to a brighter tone with the highly anticipated Taika Waititi Marvel sequel Thor: Love and Thunder debuting its first clip at MTV Movie & TV Awards as the fans caught a good look at Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman’s reunion in the film.

Besides, the new releases and trailers, Hollywood had other great headlines too. Johnny Depp decided to join TikTok and even uploaded a video in order to thank his fans for the incredible support they have shown to him throughout his exhausting trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. On that note, scroll down further to find out what went on in Hollywood this week.

Britney Spears gets hitched

Another week, another wedding in H-town. The pop sensation tied the knot on June 9 with Sam Asghari in her lavish wedding ceremony at her home in LA with a total of 60  of her closest friends and family including Madonna, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and more. 

Justin Bieber suffers from terrible virus.

In a recent video of himself, Bieber revealed that he had been cancelling his performances because of his condition which has rendered one side of his face paralysed. The singer explained in the video that he suffers from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which has impacted his nerve in the right ear, causing paralysis.

Zayn Malik responds to Liam Payne’s diss on him?

Zayn Malik in a new video on Instagram randomly belted out a high note from a song from the One Direction discography, You & I. As fans celebrated the fact that Zayn remotely mentioned the band, many others speculated if he was responding to Liam Payne’s recent diss about him on Logan Paul’s podcast.

Kim Kardashian grieves for Khloe

In the latest episode of The Kardashians, things went south at the end as the episode documented the moment when Khloe’s ex Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal went viral after he admitted to fathering another woman’s child while he was still with Khloe. Kim, Kourtney and Kylie get on call at 6:30 in the morning and grieve for their sister and her situation as Kim cried, “My soul dies for her.” The next episode of the series is set to go deep into Khloe’s first reaction to the scandal and how things unravelled henceforth.

Rebel Wilson comes out

Rebel Wilson celebrated Pride the right way when in a post on Instagram, the actress revealed her current relationship and how her partner is a girl. The actress did not go further into her sexuality but wrote in the caption, “Thought I was searching for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess.” Wilson received many comments supporting her as the community and her fans celebrated with the actress.

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